The Addison suite is located on the ground floor of the main house, just inside the front door. Addison is a two-room deluxe suite that offers a bedroom with a king-size bed, as well as a generous sitting room with electric fireplace and private bathroom.

The Addison bedroom has exquisite light, with nearly full length windows on two walls. It’s painted a delicate cream that perfectly compliments the soft light that the room receives throughout the day.

The large sitting room is painted a very deep, rich Federal blue and is an outstanding space that houses several beautiful antique pieces. A lovely 19th century settee is available with two high back Victorian chairs. During breakfast, this space offers a fold out table for guests who wish to dine in their room by the warm fireplace.

The Addison suite looks west, toward the Town Hall Theatre and beyond that, to the village and the college. It is very convenient to both the reception/sitting room and the after-hours tea service.

Please note in making your plans that there is no door separating the bedroom from the sitting room.

This room can accommodate twin cots in the sitting room for parties of four.


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