The Inn on the Green occupies a comfortable, solid Federal style house originally built in 1803 that was faithfully renovated in 1995-1997 to create the beautiful inn that now sits proudly on a small hill overlooking the Middlebury village green and downtown. Here’s the rest of the story …

In 1803, Loyal Case, a brilliant young lawyer and abolitionist, purchased (from town father Gamaliel Painter) a lot on South Pleasant Street overlooking the village green and built a solid Federal-style home. In the decades that followed, the large home continued be a splendid presence on the green, even while it underwent several significant changes, including being “Victorianized” in the early 1880s by the addition of Italianate brackets and a mansard tower.

In the 20th century, however, the home’s fortunes sadly declined. After passing through the hands of several private owners, it came into the possession of the distinguished local Foote family in 1929, but in the 1960s, the once-proud home was converted into a thoroughly undistinguished apartment building. In recent years, the home was abandoned and became dangerously dilapidated. By the mid-1990s, sagging beams, roof leaks, wall and foundation breeches, peeling paint, and structural issues resulting from inappropriate physical alterations had left the house close to unrecoverable ruin.

In 1995, the abandoned structure was purchased by Micki and Steve Paddock. Their faithful restoration of the Loyal Case house to the 19th century aesthetic of its glory days rescued the long-neglected, landmark historic structure on the Middlebury village green. In 1997, the project was completed and the Inn on the Green was born. After 11 years of stewardship, in 2008 the Paddocks sold The Inn on the Green to Bruce and Brenda Grove, who have passed it along to Chris and Chelsea Griggs in 2018.

We think Attorney Case would be pleased!